EPF's camps deliver training in sport, empowerment and leadership through existing local teams, clubs, academies, CSOs, and NGOs that focus on sports development, education, health and empowerment for girls and women. 

Equal Playing Field's Altitude Football Project kicked off in Capetown, South Africa. 

We deliver camps that not only improve the calibre of the women’s game and capacities of women in sport, but also increase the access of girls and women to football and build them into change-makers for their communities, meanwhile introducing traditional NGO beneficiaries to the transformative power of sport. 

We are going to change the world
one female athlete at a time.

other activities

Beyond camps, EPF engages in a range of other activities in-line with its objectives to strengthen the overall sport and development sectors. On request it supports partner organisations to implement their own programmes, EPF develops and shares coaching and training tools improving gender equality in sport, and it engages local and global audiences through speaking events and sport-for-good fora. 

EPF’s media team is creating and developing a set of skills and coaching videos - of female elite players and coaches from all over the world, to be translated into multiple languages and distributed freely to partners, sport-for-development organizations and, women’s / girls football programmes, as well as publicly released online. Check back later!