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in June 2017, two teams of female players climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and played the highest altitude game of football. of any gender. ever.

32 female international pros, competitive amateurs and graduates of sports charities from more than 20 countries traveled to Tanzania and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro to play the world record highest elevation regulation game in history. More than 1.75km higher than the world's highest professional stadium and higher even than Everest Base Camp, it was an 11-a-side, full-field, FIFA standard match on a volcanic ash pitch at 5714m. The teams included World Cup, Champions League, and Olympic pros, more than 10 women's national team players, and ages ranging from 15-55 years old. The trip also included games against local Tanzanian women's teams, and launched EPF's Altitude Football project with football clinics in Tanzania and South Africa. 

The trip was facilitated by local guiding company Nature Discovery Ltd. and covered by the international media as well as EPF's own team of award-winning filmmakers and photographers that specialise in international social impact stories and women’s football.


Players from the grassroots to the elite demonstrated their commitment to change by testing their limits in the toughest of games. 

media outreach

BeIN Sports and a feature film crew from RadiantJ productions came with us to capture the journey.


Check out the setting for one of the most unusual matches in history. 


- beIN Sports record announcement

We couldn't have achieved this world record without the support of our incredible partners and sponsors.