Since inception, The Equal Playing Field initiative has been documented, publicized, and shared globally through a variety of communications mediums developed by our award-winning filmmaker and media team, including a full-length documentary, social impact film shorts, a social media presence combined with other notable shared-value campaigns and sports outreach and training mediums, as well as traditional international press coverage. 

Matthew is a filmmaker and photographer passionate about bringing the important stories that shape our world to life through cinematography, editing and music. Matthew has spent the past 10 years traveling the globe with humanitarian and aid organizations (including The Asia Foundation, Plan International and READ Global) - creating short documentary films of the communities where his clients work, and highlighting the change they’re creating.

Matthew is passionate about soccer, equal rights for women, and the Equal Playing Field project for its simple message and capacity to impact so many complex issues. 


Kevin is a photographer/storyteller, part time.  He also works on the website and had to write this about himself.  He has intermittently worked as a researcher for international aid organizations in the Middle East and produced personal and commercial media on four continents.  Lifelong soccer player and fan, with about a hundred sisters and strong women around to inspire him and let him know when he does something foolish.

Dana is a Heidelberg-based photographer. Her photographs capture moments in the lives of underprivileged people in developing countries or from difficult backgrounds and to advocate for a world in which girls and women can do sports without being discriminated against for any reason. She strives to combine the aesthetics and expressive power of photography with the goal of letting the world know about social, ecological and economic injustices. 

Since 2009, she has produced project documentations and reportages on social and ecological themes around world. 


Tamara is an LA-based filmmaker, who has directed and produced documentaries in over 20 countries around the globe, including 10 women in different countries for Coca-Cola's 5by20 campaign to empower women. She was the story producer on the Emmy-nominated Chef's table and directed the "Women of the Ice" episode for Hallmark/ Feeln's Wonder Women series. 

Tamara directs films to create a positive change in the world. She wants to inspire others; make them smile, laugh, cry and open their minds. Many of Tamara's films support female empowerment and gender equality. She grew up playing soccer and this initiative to equal the playing field is really personal to her.