Equal Playing Field grateful to Tesalate for providing sports towels for epic trip


Players will use Tesalate towels during trek up Mt Kilimanjaro during world record attempt in June.

London/Amman/Melbourne | May 24 2017


Equal Playing Field is grateful to receive in-kind support from Australian company Tesalate –  who will provide towels for the Equal Playing Field squad as they attempt to break a world record up Mt Kilimanajro! Find out more about Tesalate here.

Jacky, Co-founder of Tesalate said "Women's sport has been under-supported because we have constantly been reinforced that this is a man's domain. This is ludicrous. Sport is more than kicking a ball around. It's about teamwork, passion, and most importantly ambition.  By encouraging females in sport, we are telling the world females too can be competitive and perform at the highest level. We're proud to support Equal Playing Field, and with this world record, they will take sport to a level it's never been before."



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