Equal Playing Field welcomes Discover Football’s support ahead of World Record attempt

Equal Playing Field and Discover Football share joint mission to promote women’s equality in sport

Equal Playing Field is grateful to receive support from Discover Football ahead of their World Record attempt. Discover Football see football as a way to empower women and promote intercultural understanding. Several of Equal Playing Field’s squad members have played for or participated in Discover Football’s international exchanges, conferences and tournaments where women and girls build skills and share knowledge. Their work aligns with Equal Playing Field’s initiative to promote opportunity, equality and respect for women and girls who seek to play, compete, coach and work in football. Find out more about Discover Football here.

Erin Blankenship of Equal Playing Field said “We are thrilled to have Discover Football as supporting partners and it's an honour to have some of their alumni amongst our team. DF have long been contributing to and leading on the mission to promote equality through football for women and girls from all corners of the world, and we are elated to combine forces and voices to ramp up the volume.”

Dana Rösiger of Discover Football said “We are thrilled to be part of this unique football game on the top of Kilimanjaro and worldwide project. Women’s football is an ongoing battle for equality. Some progress has been made but recent events show there's still a long way to go. I believe that the journey to and the game on the top of this mountain will create bonds and a sense of unity, which will mark another milestone. Not just setting a world record but demonstrating solidarity, and building a collective voice that will help protect the rights of female players worldwide.”

For more information on the Equal Playing Field initiative, please see www.equalplayingfield.com

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