who we are

Equal Playing Field (EPF) is a grassroots, non-profit initiative to challenge gender inequality in sport and to promote sports development for girls and women globally, especially in marginalised country contexts. Specifically it aims to ensure opportunity, equality and respect for girls and women in sport and in life, and does this through a combination of high-profile challenges, implementing grassroots training and empowerment programmes through local and international partnerships, and through its global communications and advocacy platform.  Through its players, coaches, referees, mentors and partners so far EPF has representation in 29 countries on 6 continents, all dedicated to elevating the conversation around women in sport and impacting genuine change at the elite and grassroots levels.


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We believe girls should have the same opportunities as boys to play sports. Over the next two years we're running football camps around the world with female teams. We work with coaches, especially women, to develop their capabilities and build a supportive network. 

We believe girls and women should get a fair wage to play the sports they love. We support teams who are moving towards pay parity. 

We believe girls can do anything and we undertake audacious challenges to show that women and girls who play sport are worthy of respect. We started with a world record to inspire the next generation to challenge the status quo.